retreat: reveal

Day two of my retreat I woke up feeling refreshed and renewed already. I was a little puzzled why I didn’t do this more often! I also realized by breakfast that this would be a “working vacation”. God and I had a few things that needed to be discussed and worked through and it wasn’t going to be easy.

Tuesday’s word was reveal. I revealed some fears and worries that I’ve carried for far too long and He reminded me of the bigger picture in life and why I didn’t have to be concerned for anything. By my afternoon reflection time I started to see things that God wanted to reveal to me. This was a beautiful, yet challenging time. I spent a lot of this time in prayer and asking God to continue to reveal his plan to me- in the perfect timing.

day two schedule

7:15AM: sunrise yoga

8AM: breakfast

9AM: silent listening

10AM: Scripture readings (selected Psalms 19 & 104- seeing God reveal Himself through creation)

11:30AM: lunch

12:30-2PM: mountain biking

2-3:30PM: nap/rest

3:30-5PM: music reflection (mostly Blues, Country and instrumental. I seriously didn’t want this time to end. Music feeds my soul and I found myself getting inspired and being challenged by the lyrics of the songs I chose.)

5:30PM: light dinner

6:45PM: sunset yoga

7:30PM: journal/reflection

8:30PM: examination of grace, worship (worship was a time of creative writing and choreographing a lyrical dance)

10PM: sleep


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