love knows no bounds: the story continues…

I’m still in shock by the response I received after writing the Love knows no bounds blog series. The stories I was sent by close friends as well as complete strangers was baffling. Pain and suffering, love and forgiveness are all things that we struggle with in life. I realized that my story is not that much different from anyone else. The details may look different but underneath it, the  truth is: love is a choice we make and in fact need to make, with God, with ourselves and finally with others.

One person wrote me that she had never forgiven her parents for some childhood traumas but felt compelled to start communicating with them again after many years of being estranged. A close friend of mine shared a secret that blew me away: She had been raped in college, by her own father and never told anyone. Her bitterness has haunted her for well over a decade. She’s now slowly tearing down the walls she built up around herself and is choosing to love God and herself again in order to one day forgive and love others again. Friends, I write this through tears. The power of God’s redemptive love cannot be missed here. What else can bring such brokenness to beauty?

If you pray, pray with me. Pray that the story continues. That the story of God redeeming and restoring is never hidden and we see opportunities to share it with those around us. Yes, that can be hard to do at times. It forces us to be vulnerable and courageous but it’s what I believe we are called to do.

So share your life and engage in others. Everyone has a story just waiting to be told. A story where love wins. I promise you if you do this, you’ll never be the same again.


2 thoughts on “love knows no bounds: the story continues…

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  2. Kristin says:

    We are witnesses, what are we witnesses of? We are witnesses of what God has worked in our own lives. You have witnessed to His grace in your life and that is always the most powerful message you have. I have seen God do amazing things through my story too. God bless you Kara!
    Love you tons!

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