Connect 2010: Magical Fun Night DAY FIVE

Today was a much-needed break. I’m not sure about everyone else but I can get tired of having conversation after conversation about the same topics. Theology, missions and living cross culturally. As much as I love participating and even debating in conversation, I also need to rest.

This afternoon about 50 of us took a bus ride to the small German town of Fulda. You can view more of my photos here  but these are a couple of my favorites:

Fulda, Germany


This evening we continued the CA tradition of letting loose with Magical Mystery Fun Night.
Troy Cady was the always hilarious MC for the night. I know that we have a lot of talented and creative people working with Christian Associates but there are always a few that shock us with what they can do!  My friend Christy for example has the extraordinary talent of being able to balance anything…on her chin! It was a night filled with laughter and I was reminded why I love being a part of the CA family!

photo by Rogier Bos

photo by Rogier Bos

photo by Rogier Bos


And the night was not complete without a “Roast” of our new president, Rob Fairbanks. This guy is a great sport!

photo by Rogier Bos


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