When you move around as much as I have you find that “home” is a relative term. I have many homes around the world but these 3 places are definitely at the top of my list:

Houston was where I was born and raised. It will always be my hometown and a place where lots of memories and friendships were created. I always look forward to being back in the heart of Texas. I just can’t stand the humidity anymore!

I moved to Sacramento in the fall of 2003. I had no expectations of what life would look like here. I have been surprised constantly at the amount of LIFE, creativity and hospitality I find in this city. I will be sad to leave as I transition back to Prague later this year but I know that I can always call Sacramento home.

Prague quickly became home when I moved there in 2008. Growing up with my Polish mother I was introduced to Central/Eastern European culture and life. Prague is a beautiful “Golden” city of Europe. The people and the way of life make it one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived or traveled to. I look forward to being back there very soon!!

Where is “home” for you? Where do you thrive and feel surrounded by great community and culture?

“Home is not where you live, but where they understand and accept you.”



One thought on “home(s)

  1. Kristin Smith says:

    I enjoyed this one. In what way did your Mom’s ancestry show up in her life. I know she was quite proud of her heritage but beyond that I don’t know details. What do you remember.

    Homes for me: Colorado-we lived in the 4 Corners area of Colorado/New Mexico from the time I was 1 1/2 till I was 5 when we moved to Houston. Colorado is a healing place for me. I feel grounded here. We spent almost all of our summer vacations back in Colorado once we moved to Houston. Our vacations were family times and just hanging out in nature most of the time. So I just feel at home in Cortez, Doloroes, Telluride and Durango. So many good memories are here.

    Houston was home till last year. Could not believe I had lived there over 50 years. And as much as I was looking forward to leaving I still found my heart aching a bit at the idea of the move. I wrote my name as a little girl on the sidewalk in West University. I remember walking to school as a kindergartner and having to cross busy Kirby Drive. Mama worked me up to the challenge slowly. The first week of school she walked me all the way to the school door. The second week she walked me to Kirby and across and then watched as I disappeard into the distance. The next week she watched me cross Kirby by myself and after that I was on my own. West University was a good place to grow up for me. It was much quieter then, 1959 and forward. We rode bikes everywhere, there were kids everywhere. There was never a lack of something to do. It was safe to walk to the village with friends for a movie, the toy store or ice cream. I have lots of good memories there. But if it were not for family and friends that still remain I would be content to just fondly remember my life growing up there and marrying and raising Nathan.
    Hunt-A new home, new adventures awaiting. The quiet and peace of the hills heal me and give peace to me. I am looking forward to the memories that will be made here.

    Looks like I have 3 homes as well.

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