Almost two years ago I wrote this. I was struggled with who I was. Who God designed me to be.

Today is my 27th birthday and I’m just now figuring out that I won’t ever have it “all figured out”!  BUT, I am becoming more aware and OK with who I am, who I am not and learning to love myself more in order to love God and others.

Each birthday I take time to reflect on the past year and make goals for the upcoming year. Here are 3 of last year’s goals/dreams:

1. Finally get my tattoo. Well, unfortunately I have not, but it is currently being drawn up. Five years of waiting I guess a few more months won’t be a problem. (In case you haven’t heard the story yet, I’m getting the Greek word Apados or “disciple” tattooed on the inside of my right foot along with a ladybug (my mom’s favorite).

2. Reconcile. This time last year I had a number of broken relationships/friendships and desired to see God reconcile and restore them. In a years time, all are still wonderful friends, closer than ever. Also continuing to reconcile myself with God…that’s a lifelong process.

3. Continue building my photography business. This past year has been full of surprises and great opportunities to not only share my passion of art, but the story of living in Prague and what God is doing there. Interviews, online article write ups, gallery functions; I’ve felt very blessed with all that has come my way this year. I currently have my work in an exhibition here in Sacramento that runs until mid-August.

Thanks to all of you that have celebrated with me throughout the years. I value the people I hold close in my life and pray we all see more of God’s presence, beauty and life-giving opportunities to share Him this coming year!


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