back to the beginning

Can you imagine what life would be like if the Fall had not happened??

I find myself thinking about this often. I truly believe that we as humans are working completely out of how we were designed. God had a plan. An amazing plan for His creation and yet we chose to take control (we can thank our old friends Adam and Eve for that). What if Adam and Eve had been obedient? I’m pretty sure I would be just fine living in the Garden, sharing in the beauty God created and not having this constant tension that we carry through life. Tension that we brought on ourselves. I don’t mean to sound depressing, but it’s a part of the great story. Our story. And it continues on….How do we journey on both as individuals and participants in community, seeking what God first intended for us?

I woke up this morning with the deep knowing that I am blessed to be surrounded by a community; a group of incredible people who are walking along with me trying to seek God and His ways. We seek to understand the beginning of our story.

Father God, even fallen, this earth shows your love of beauty and your desire to create a world of enjoyment for your highest creation. You are a God of goodness. You are a God of abundance. You are a God of bounty. You are a God who wants to please us with all good things. And may we, as we enjoy them, always give You thanks and not be like this world; that takes all that You have made in the creation and gives the credit to the evolution of the creature, not the creator, and never gives you thanks. And thus, experiences your wrath.  Lord, we thank you for even the abundance of what we enjoy in a fallen world. We can only imagine what it must have been like when, in that garden, when you made it the way you really wanted it to be for man. And Lord, we long for the day when Jesus comes and recreates this birth into its millennial glory, and we can enjoy what will be paradise regained. And then we long for what is ours in eternity, the joys of that eternal glory. We thank you, Father, again, for all that You’ve done in our lives through this, Your day, for which we praise you. Amen.


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