English Club

Here is a recent update from Kara Swindler about the ministry to Czech high school students. Keep her in your prayers!

Hello from Prague

Prayer is needed! This semester for our English Club (EC) we are stepping out in boldness and presenting deeper topics (Jesus, Heaven, Religion) for discussion with students.  We ask for your prayers to cover us as God’s Word is shared.

As a quick reminder, for 2 years now EC is a place where Christians and non-Christians meet. Once a week our students come to practice their English. Most important, we have topics for discussion where we can share our belief in God. We have built deeper relationships together, shared our lives with them, now we’re matching our lives with words.

In the last 2 months we talked about Heaven, Religion and Suicide. The discussions were epic! Last week was about religion. God blessed us with a TWO HOUR talk where we shared our testimonies, our faith, our world view, God’s perfection because they asked us to. Amazing! And there will be more. . . The topics to come until the end of June: Jesus, Hatred, the Bible.

Please pray for:

  • God to give my fellow teachers and I wisdom, patience, and love for the students
  • The Holy Spirit to be working to soften their hearts
  • The truth of the Gospel we believe in to be shared and that it will ring true for our students
  • The topics to come: Jesus, Hatred, The Bible

The Students: Ondra, Jane, Bara, Lukaš, Lucie, Martin, Šarka, Cristina, Denisa, Marketa, Vitek

The Teachers: Zuzka, Eliška, James and me

the LORD’s

Kara Swindler

Kara Swindler (far right) with Czech students


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