a good day

This past Saturday I woke up in a BAD mood. The sun was shining but I knew that the rain and wind would be starting soon. A storm was on its way and I was already feeling the effects of being forced to stay inside. I spent most of the morning moping around and just when I thought I should go back to bed and forget about being productive, a friend texted me to come over. An hour later I was in the car, driving with high expectations. While on the freeway, just two exits away from her street, I get pulled over for speeding- exactly 8 whole miles over the speed limit. I was bummed and not in any mood to nicely argue with the officer, so 20 minutes later with a yellow ticket in hand I arrived at my friend’s house.

Have you ever had a moment in your day that changes everything?? We made hot chocolate and then decided to take a walk since the rain had yet to start.  We walked and explored downtown, browsed through art supply shops and talked about all we envision 2010 to be.  I was instantly in a better mood, and sipping my hot chocolate I realized that I just needed community. I thrive off of being around other people and it was just what I needed to change the course of the day.

All in all, Saturday was a good day.


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