just me

I spent some time this morning reading through my blog posts from this past year. Man, did I complain enough?? =)

I found this post  to be really interesting and 5 months later although I’m still struggling to just “be”,  it is encouraging to see the ways in which God has guided and grown me over this past year. When I returned from Prague in February I thought for sure I would be back there by now, not working and settled (somewhat) into life back here in California. The biggest (and most difficult) lesson I’ve learned during this time of transition is that God does give me the desires of my heart, but rarely in the ways and timing that I want. Yes, I would love to be back in Prague right now, but God has a plan for keeping me in the states awhile longer. If anything, this time has not been wasted in the least, He’s giving me rest, restoring relationships and helping me tackle some messy things in my life.

Of all the things I’m thankful for this year it’s this: I’m becoming more comfortable just being me. Not just someone’s daughter, or sister, aunt, leader, teacher, friend, etc.

Just Kara.


2 thoughts on “just me

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  2. Pam Smith says:

    Kara: Glad your doing well and congrats on your works as a photographer and etc.

    You sound great and glad you are pleased with being just Kara because Kara is a good person with a lot going for her through God’s love and grace.

    Take care, Pam

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