This is home.

Kara and Petra

Kara and Petra

As soon as I stepped off the plane in Prague last Saturday, I felt like I was coming back to a familiar world; somewhere that felt comforting and a place I connect with. On Saturday evening I walked around the city center and found myself in Old Town square. I started praying for the people that I saw walking around me, for the city and for God’s people to return to Him. In that moment, I heard God say “Welcome home”.

The last few days have been emotional for me. I celebrate being able to reunite with friends and former students here. I rejoice at the work God is doing through the different ministries and leaders in Prague. I feel sad that I have to leave on Friday night, but confident and encouraged that this is where I will return to. THIS city is home! Praise God!!

I ask you to pray for continued communication between myself, Sasa and Katka Flek, Kara Swindler, Barb Iverson and others that I desire to be in ministry with when I return. Ideally, I would love to be back in Prague as soon as possible and have begun praying for God’s timing and for wisdom in moving forward with plans this fall.

Thank you for being on this crazy faith journey with me! I couldn’t and would not want to do it without you!!



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