CONNECT day 2: Transition

This morning Hud shared his thoughts and wisdom on encouragement and grief in transition. There seems to be a lot of changes within many of the CA teams over the last year so this was sure to be a topic anyone could relate to.

Something that really resonated with me was that Hud defined wisdom as applied understanding. And that wisdom does not really work in reality- in the upside down world we live in. But it must work in our hearts. Romans 12:2 says Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

We talked about the world’s way of dealing with grief and loss. The five stages of grief that we all know: denial, anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance. Hud challenged us to grief in a Biblical way: Start with acceptance, leave the rest behind. Don’t be afraid of the pain you will feel. Allow yourself to feel sad and even a bit depressed- but then move into a place of thankfulness because thankfulness is a way of admitting our dependency on God.

I was reminded that every choice I make has a ripple effect. There are countless times in my life that in hindsight I see what I should have seen before even making a decision. Counting the cost of my choices- Starting at the end (thinking of the end result) and then moving forward. This was a powerful thing for me and will be something that I’ll continually be growing in.

A few more pieces of wisdom from Hud:

  • We can transition with grace by keeping our feet solidly planted in Biblical truths.
  • In grieving a loss of a ministry or job- Are we grieving something we thought was ours and not Gods? Is this MY ministry of GOD’S ministry?

The most encouraging part of this session was Hud’s demonstration of how most people transition- looking back as they try and move forward. The best advice I received: Don’t go into the future backwards!


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