compassionphoto by Earthlingplus

compassion:    sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

In my study of the incarnational community, today’s church message was really inspiring.

Jesus’ message was one of love. Everything He did was out of his great love for us. So, in following his example, we must be motivated in everything we do- by love. We are to be compassionate towards others. We are to be compassionate, not out of our need to feel good, but out of willingness to meet another’s need. How many times do I act out of my own needs instead of others? Community/relationships should be all about meeting people where they are at- accepting them before approving of their lifestyle or behavior. This is something I have been challenged to do over the last year and find that God has been recently putting me in situations with people that need extra time, comfort and a good listening ear. It’s feels good to allow God to use me in these people’s lives and direct the gratitude back to Him!


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