“When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity, we open ourselves to God.”

During this season of Lent I will be working through The Artist’s Way.  I know that part of the reason God has me back in the US right now is to help me work on myself, continue to learn and practice art and meet other artists passionate about sharing their experiences of art within ministry. I long to be renewed and see God in new ways. To have a deeper understanding of His love for me so I can better share it with others.  I’ll be sharing more about my experience with the book over the next 40 days. Also, I will be posting a photo a day for the next 40 days  in a collection on my flickr page.  Enjoy!

Finally a daily meditation during this holy season:

Bring us back to you.
This week we pray for a renewal of our lives.

We are beginning to be more attentive and alert.

We are trying new patterns.

The difficulties we encounter keep us humble.

Our desire is clear.
We want the “self-sacrificing love of Christ” –

which brings us mercy and healing – to be “reproduced in our lives.”

In our journey, we seek to savor the meaning of Jesus’ self-less love,

that we might reflect that love to others.

At the end of our journey, we will renew our baptismal promises.

Dying with Jesus in baptism, we have a new life in him.

Today, we desire nothing less than God’s re-creating us –

breathing new life into us.


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