sorting it all out

“If you want to reach people for Jesus, you’re gunna have to sit in the smoking section.” 

-Neil Cole, Organic Church


Last week I posted some of my frustration I’ve been feeling over the past year. I realized that my views on politics and religion are the way they are because I see the world we live in and our country as separate from my faith and God in general. We are called to live in this world, not to be of it. But how we do that?


I’ve started studying the word incarnational and trying to find the meaning behind it, how it is lived out in community, etc. Not sure how all of these thoughts connect, but give me time…


In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my thoughts (candid and honest as usual) with you. Feel free to comment and let me know how you feel, whether or not you agree with me. I just ask that you respect where I’m at in my learning and growing in understanding and faith as I respect the thoughts and beliefs of others.





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