gonna stand my ground… and I won’t back down- part one

Well its been over two weeks since I arrived in Houston and it has been a fun but difficult transition. Life in Prague is very different, in ways I have a hard time expressing. Still trying to process it all.
A few nights ago I found myself in a living room full of new people that had gathered to hear about ministry in the Czech Republic. The discussion started off really encouraging, but after awhile it was heading toward the subject of religion and politics.
First, let me say that I am VERY glad that I was not in the United States during the campaign and election time. I kept myself updated and aware of the issues and polls but was so relieved to be away from all the tv ads, false messages, etc. One woman in the group made a comment about Obama’s middle name and his pro choice view on abortion. As I looked around the room and saw a bunch of heads nodding in agreement I realized that I was surrounded by very conservative Republicans. I tried to steer the conversation back to ministry and stories of Prague, but to no avail. Two hours later I left frustrated, a bit angry and yet at the same time so glad that God had spoken so much to me through that time. I have found myself “battling” with various people over the last few years on views of politics and the church. I really want to express my thoughts on it soon but it will take just too much time right now and I have committed to writing my students postcards this evening to send out tomorrow. Will write again later this week. Until then, thanks for continuing this journey with me…


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