only weeks away

I officially have only weeks before I leave Prague. I was reminded of this last week and since I’ve been in a constant state of denial about this, it really hit me hard. I have been really sad over the last few days, just thinking about the relationships here in Prague that I’ve made, the church community I’ve beome a part of, and my students that I can’t imagine saying goodbye to.

God works in crazy ways. I’m not completely sure the need to move back to the states for a few months just for the purpose of staying longer in Prague. I’m praying a lot about my heart during this time. It would be so easy to be in a bad mood all the time or decide that it’s too hard to say goodbye later, and just “check out” now.  I want the next few weeks to be fun and filled with even more memories,  but also having to prepare people for my leaving. I have no idea what January is going to look like. I will still be teaching through the end of the month and going about my everyday life here until February 1st.  Pray that I will be completely present here in Prague and yet still able to give myself time to be sad and prepare for my time in the states.


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