so much to say

So much has happened over the last month and I have been a bit lazy on updating my blog. I’m going to try and recap as much as possible in this post. Here goes…


I voted almost a month before Election Day because it takes awhile for mail from Prague to reach the states. I voted for Obama and did a happy dance at 5:00am on Wednesday morning, the 5th. I’m thrilled that the majority of the country agreed with me and looking forward to coming back to the U.S. in the spring. I feel optimistic for the first time in a long time about where the country is headed.

phyliss-hgc Phyliss- a true angel Kara and Fern

me and Fern, another amazing woman with a heart for sharing Jesus

I had the unique and blessed opportunity to spend time with the Harlem Gospel Choir during their stay in Prague a few weeks ago. For my friend Jana’s birthday a bunch of us girls went to see the show and ended up hanging out at their hotel afterwards! A week later they were back in Prague for another show and we invited them to a community dinner with our church. That evenings, for hours, we laughed, gave thanks to God and encouraged one another. I was truly blessed to have met these amazing people, particularly one woman, Fern. Her voice is incredible and her heart even more so. I pray for them often and am thankful that they are using their gifts in order to spread the love of Christ around the world!

Dublin group photo

I traveled back to Ireland for the first time in six years with ten students, and a few other teachers. Our time  was amazing! The students were able to practice their English speaking, tour around Ireland and meet new people. We stayed at a church in Northern Ireland and the students were exposed to the Gospel more than once and I continue to pray that those days affected them and will continue to bring good memories to mind for years to come. The weather was even nice and sunny at times, a rarity in Ireland!!


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