All you need is one.

Today was the first day of my digital photography club at the high school. When I first came up with the idea for the club, I was really encouraged by the positive response and approval from the principal. I even dreamed last night about the club time. I imagined a room full of students, passionate about art and interested in learning from each other.

I arrived early to get the room ready, prepare a slideshow of my own photos and wait for the students to arrive. About twenty minutes past the start time, a sophomore girl walked in. Bara is shy and a bit scared to speak in English so she spent the first 10 minutes just sitting and looking around the room quietly. I quickly realized that no one else was coming. At first I was disappointed but then I realized that I needed to have my expectations adjusted. I nervously asked Bara if she likes photography and she proceeded to take a camera out of her bag. For the next hour she opened up about her interest in industrial and nature photography.

As I headed home this evening I thanked God that my expectations had not been met and grateful for the time I had to spend with just one student. The next club time is not until November, but I am honestly not worried about what this ministry will turn into. I have met a new friend, an emerging artist and a reason to celebrate being here in Prague.


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