reality check

The reality is that the one trillion dollar bailout package that President Bush is promising could have wiped out the last traces of poverty, hunger, malnutrition and squalor from the face of the Earth – if only our global leadership prioritized the poor with the same level of urgency as the US financial crisis. Isn’t it is shocking how silent the American church has been in the midst of this collapse? I’m blown away by all this- to the point where I have just avoided it.

I remember every church in America speaking about trust in God after September 11th. I wonder how many Christians are talking about trust this week? About alternative economics? About placing our trust in an economy of love rather than the markets?

And why in times like these is John Stewart the only one making any sense?


One thought on “reality check

  1. gibby says:

    So, what shall we (the church) do?

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