mclaren’s words

Brian McLaren (author of A New Kind of Christian) recently endorsed Presidential candidate, Barack Obama. I found his explanation interesting…


2 thoughts on “mclaren’s words

  1. gibby says:

    So, what are your thoughts on McLaren’s perspective? Do you think it is balanced?


    • Kara Maddox says:

      No I don’t think McLaren’s perspective is completely balanced. However a few things resonated with me:
      1. McLaren wrote: “Does anyone doubt that Senator McCain lives by a warrior narrative? This is the most consistent theme in his campaign. For him the world is clearly divided into us and them.
      We are good; they are evil. We are right; they are wrong. We are about safety; they are about danger. ”
      – I also believe that McCain has a “warrior” attitude and I believe that it comes from a place of fear, not confident and conviction. This was a large reason why I chose not to vote for McCain.

      2. McLaren wrote: “Senator Obama certainly believes in a strong national defense. But I believe he leans toward a profoundly different narrative. It is a reconciliation narrative, a peace-building narrative, a collaboration narrative.”
      -I too agree that Obama did (and continues to have) a strong position on national defense, but unfortunately I see it taking a toll on our international friendships. It’s going to be interesting to see how our foreign relationships look in another 3+ years.

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