the person I want to become

What If I Were To…

What if a new world were not just possible- but necessary? Are we willing to be it? I will be trying to incorporate and continue the list above throughout the rest of this year. I pray that you would consider joining me in maybe a few of these things.

My recent trip to Berlin and detox from all the “noise” in my life was a refreshing and renewing time for me. I am still processing all that God has spoken to me and will write more about it soon. I have been encouraged and challenged creatively in profound ways. I see the artist within in me growing in a new way and I’m excited to start down a new path. Lots of ideas are running through my mind regarding my photography, so stay tuned…

Thanks for continuing this journey alongside me! What a ride!


One thought on “the person I want to become

  1. Beth says:

    These are great things to incorporate into daily life – and create a beautiful picture of the person you desire to be as well as the person each one of us should strive to become in the ways uniquely available to each of us. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t had time to read all the links, but I did read the one for “communal discernment” and appreciated it as this is a concept I have been thinking about lately. And I checked out the prayer sites you posted and enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing.

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