i need to say something

I need to vent a little…so here are a few thoughts…

I talked to a friend from the states the other night. We had a long conversation about the American style of church and the way that some churches thrive. After getting off the phone with her, I realized that in the past I have been a part of the kind of church community that attacks and oppresses others; oppressing some of their own staff and leaders. They look down on those that are “unchurched”, they put fear into their own church members and use scripture to back up their lies and treat those whose sins have come into the light with anger and unforgiving spirits. It is sickening to think about and it makes me glad that I am no longer a part of that community. It also makes me realize that I want something different. I want something entirely different for the Czech people. If Christians wonder why people don’t want to come to church, here’s a prime example. I wouldn’t go to church either, and won’t go back to a church that treats people in that way. It saddens me to think of the friends that I know that are still a part of communities like that, that are being mistreated and held to standards that aren’t even biblical.

This particular church I speak of has had a way of avoiding people and situations that are difficult and complex. They chose to go around the real issue instead of going through it. When they do confront an individual, it’s from a power stand, and the chosen weapon is lots of truth, without any grace. The youth are taught to keep standards in their lives that are far from what God calls us to. There is this “line” that Christ tells us not to cross, but some choose to push the line a little (or a lot) further in order to “play it safe”. “I’ll just move the line and exaggerate that bible verse a bit so there is NO way I’ll screw up.” Whatever happened to being in the image of Christ? What does community look like when people shut up and listen to what God really says about an issue?

True Christianity, true faith, is not volunteering for every church program, bake sale or choir trip. Spirituality is not about “bringing Jesus to foreign lands” (don’t get me started on that…). You should not be valued based on what and how much you can give to your church or how involved you are, or how often you attend. If you miss three weeks in a row, without a “valid” reason, you know what, you aren’t going to hell. And you don’t even need to repent. Yes, attending church and being in community with others is great, but not when you leave spiritually empty and oppressed. The true message of Christ unifies, but the false messages of those that claim to know Christ divides and destroys. The Christ I know, and love and serve, was not privileged. He didn’t even try to be. The Christ I know was born to an unmarried teenage girl. He was radical.

Love the Lord your God. Period. If you are loving God and living your life with the deep love you have for your creator then you won’t need to worry as much, right? That’s how I believe it was intended to be…


2 thoughts on “i need to say something

  1. Troy says:

    Good thoughts, Kara. I resonate with what you’re saying.


  2. Spence says:

    You go girl! That is what my heart has learned too. I wish there was a softer way to say it to people, but they don’t hear it unless you speak it plain. My wife is from Texas. You’ll love her when you meet her. Good luck on school. We’re opening one her in 2 weeks. We’ll pray for you, if you pray for us. (That is conditional ;) Enjoyed visiting at CONNECT.


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