being human

What is success? How do I define love? What makes me feel like a failure? Can I really strive to be perfect on my own? Where do I belong? What is my purpose in this life?

These are just a few of the questions we asked students at English camp last week. As I was listening to their responses, I realized that I still struggle to answer some of these. Here are a few thoughts:

How can you really define love? There are aspects of love that I can list of and ways that you express your love for others and God. But it that enough? As a fiercely independent person that struggles with the idea of future relationships and marriage I find myself more and more confused by the idea and meaning of love. It’s a process that continues for me…

Where do I belong? I love living in Prague and it truly feels like home to me. Houston is my hometown and I will always feel comfortable going back to visit so many that I love there. But I don’t see myself ever living in Texas again. California, and specifically Sacramento is where my life started taking a new direction and when I say “back home” to my students here in Prague I am always referring to Sacramento. But being comfortable in all of these places doesn’t necessarily mean I belong. Because of my independence I find myself moving around and able to adjust fairly quickly to new surroundings. But at 25 years old, I wonder if making a home and slowing my pace is what I really need to do. Where do I belong? Well I believe that the only place that I will ever truly feel at peace and welcome into open arms is in the family of God.

Camp stirred much in me and I am still trying to unwrap all that God gave me and taught me last week.

I leave tomorrow for a staff conference in Hungary for a week and then to work at another English camp for a week. Will write and add more photos when I return.

Thanks for listening.

Kara Helena


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