murphy’s law

Those of you that know me well can attest to the fact that Murphy’s law kicks my butt almost everyday of my life. It use to be a frustration and now its just plain humorous.

So here’s my day so far:

5am- woke up to loud trucks and men yelling outside my window. Realized I never closed my bedroom window last night.

7:30am- alarm clock goes off. I vaguely remember hearing it and possibly throwing it.

8:15am- Wake up and have 15 minutes to get ready and head out the door to a meeting.

11:30am- Get on the wrong metro and go the completely opposite direction I need.

12:20pm- My shoe breaks and I start walking in the middle of a busy area of Prague with one shoe on and holding the other. Completely disgusted that I’m walking around barefoot.

12:24ish- My other shoe decides to break as well, and now I have no shoes, very dirty feet and possibly a reason to look up a listing of diseases online later. I also haven’t eaten in awhile…

12:35- finally find a store that has cheap shoes. Nothing in my size in the whole store except house slippers. And not just any slippers, but bright pink ones with white hearts all of them. Classy…

1pm- arrive home and remember I was suppose to help a friend pack get ready to move back to the states.

1:20pm- Go to local KFC to check email because my internet at home is still not up and running.

It’s currently 2:26 here in Prague. Too much of the day left….I have a feeling more is coming…
Geez, I really wish I had a picture of those house slippers to share…


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