summer stinks

Summer has arrived in Prague! The highest temperature so far has only been about 84F but with most buildings not having air conditioning it can be hard to handle. Another thing no one warned me about before I moved here- the lack of personal hygiene the Czech people have. Showers seem to be a once every few days/ once a week option here. I can’t for the life of me understand why if you have access to a shower why you wouldn’t use it. Up until now, the public transportation has been fun. Well, this morning I was on a tram stuck between two Czech men who clearly hadn’t taken the time to shower this morning (and maybe the last few mornings either). It’s a shame (and almost too much to bear!) It’s strange-all of the department stores in Prague have entire racks devoted to deodorant. And I do believe that the strong majority of the people here do buy and use this product. But that leaves the other 20% of the population. Which may not sound like much, but if you have 20 people in your yoga class that means 4 people are very, very smelly. On the average subway car, you’ll get 50 people – which means you’ll have 10 people with a massive BO problem. This small minority really has a strong effect on my overall perception of people’s hygiene in Prague. In the end though, buying and even using deodorant only really helps if you take a shower first.

Another sad truth-the customer service in Prague could be the worst in the civilized world. Waitresses don’t smile, store clerks seem bothered. Customer service is just not something that people are used to here. And it really, really sucks. This is one of my few pet peeves.

Continuing the journey…


2 thoughts on “summer stinks

  1. Beth says:

    haha – I had to smile reading this… these were the first few things that bothered me about Prague too. Your not alone! :)

  2. terry says:

    and of course the 20% not showering or using deodorant are the 20% using public transportation during the busiest time of day.

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