Day 105

Some recent thoughts and events:

~My visa application has been approved and I am officially allowed to live here! Thanks for your prayers regarding this.

~I realize I really need to start exercising again. I eat like every three hours and sometimes snack in between. Czech beer is good, the pastries are amazing and I can’t seem to get enough of the pizza here!

~ Kara and I are moving into our new apartment next week. I am SO looking forward to having a place of my own. I also realize we don’t have a lot of stuff. No dishes, no cookware…and currently no fridge.

~ I have too many books to read right now and like 10 on the way from the states!

~ When my friend Rachel visited last month I really felt like it might be the only time I get see someone from home for a long time. Well, now I have two more friends visiting from Houston in a few weeks. Then, my friends from my bible study in Sacramento (9 of them!!!) will be coming out here in mid-June. 12 people in 3 months! WOW! I am blessed!

~ I recently started downloading tv episodes and renting movies on iTunes. The last movie I rented the other night was August Rush. It’s about a boy that was given up for adoption as a baby. The story picked up when he is 12 years old and he is a musical prodigy. For the last twenty minutes I could not stop crying! It’s the first movie in a long time that really touched me. I highly recommend it!

~Fun story: Yesterday Kara Lee walked into our apartment with a rolled up mattress. I should have ask questions, but nothing surprises me anymore. She found it in a recycling bin a few blocks away. The best part: She swears it was not an impulsive buy- she walked by it twice before deciding to take it. =)

~ The other day I walked out of a cafe and into a bunch of people on the street. There were two bright lights shining on me and a camera guy glaring at me. Someone forgot to tell me that Chronicles of Narnia was filming in Prague! I’ve know that other movies like Hostel, Bad Company and the Illusionist have been filmed here, but that was really cool.


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