Jesus and Obama

So, as most of my friends can tell you- Obama is definitely my favorite candidate of the potential nominees. While I also enjoy what people like my conservative friends in Texas have to say- I like Obama. I will say, however, that recent questions, soul searching, and discussions have brought me to some new places in regards to this years Presidential race.

I guess it’s always been in my head and heart- I’ve just begun to fully embrace it. What is it? It’s the reality that the true revolution in this world is that of Jesus. This is the candidate (Jesus) that the world in it’s current state would probably never vote for (nor would he want to be elected). Why? Because his teachings are so radical and opposite of empire that we would be forced to give it all up. All the crap that flows from the mouths of politicians right now is just beginning to seem so empty in light of what I’m finding in the scriptures.

So while I hope Obama emerges victorious from the current fray of banter and superficiality- I’ll continue the (mostly) quiet, subversive, and upside-down revolution of my Rabbi.


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