latest happenings

So my first two weeks in Prague have been very busy. Learning the language, meeting new people and trying to find my way around the city has filled up my time daily.

A few highlights:

*I have found a really neat cafe that I think will become my new “getaway”. Its cozy and quiet and away from the main city centre and hopefully a place I can go to reflect through the weeks ahead. *I finally feel encouraged and excited to be in my language class. Its been a struggle to grasp the basics of the Czech language but I am determined to try! *I have met a handful of Czechs and internationals and see friendships forming and opportunities to share with them already! Praise God!

Some things you can be praying about:

When I first came up with my support goal and budget last summer, the US Dollar was at a good exchange rate. Unfortunately that has not continued and the decline as well as some unplanned expenses has placed my support goal much higher. As of today I have another $8,000 to raise! I know that this number is not impossible with God’s direction and provision. Please pray for me to continue to make support raising a high priority and that people would be responsive if the Holy Spirit is leading them!

I am teaching two English conversation classes during the week at a local Czech high schooll. I would appreciate prayers for good communication, patience and guidance on how best to reach these students!

And finally, some fun moments/phrases as of yet:

*Kara Swindler seems to run into/fall into anything and everything around here. We believe the tilt of the earth is extremely different here. Pictures coming soon… *There is a Guatemalan guy in our language class that starts every story or thought with the phrase:”So this one time in Guatemala when I was high…”- yeah, lots of opportunity to share with him! *Since moving into the dorms, Kara Lee and I do not have a kitchen to cook in. All we have in our room is a small refrigerator. My diet thus far has consisted of salami and cheese sandwiches, yogurt and Ritz crackers (which you cannot find in Prague. I had to go to Vienna to get those!) and an occasional apple. Thinking this might not be a good means of survival for the whole year… =)

Thank you for continued to stick with me through this journey…God is at work here and I am excited to share more with you soon!


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