Nothing Left to Say but Goodbye- Part One

9am tomorrow morning I will fly to Houston for my last few weeks in the states. I leave in 19 hours from right now. In that short amount of time I have to say goodbye to friends and family out here in California. I am sad, yet still excited at the opportunities that await me in Prague.

I found out yesterday that I have a paid part time teaching job available to me as soon as I arrive. This will be a great opportunity to meet and form relationships with the Czech youth.  Kara Swindler will be flying to Prague on January 26th, so please pray for her as she prepares these last few weeks. I will most likely be in Houston through the first week in February, waiting for my work permit to come in and raising the last $4,000 I need before heading to Prague.

I will update again when I get to Houston.


One thought on “Nothing Left to Say but Goodbye- Part One

  1. Em says:

    Sorry that I missed seeing you. I wish you all the best in your travels and adventures! Safe travels!

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