New support options

Hello friends!

Christian Associates now has the ability to accept online donations via the Internet. This new functionality allows donors to give a credit card donation to a specific missionary or project. The online program can be accessed from CAI’s GIVING webpage.

Some of the features for donors are:

  • Donors can specify the missionary or project that is to receive their donation.
  • Donors can create and manage recurring donations (weekly, monthly, etc).
  • Donors can give regularly without reminders and make changes (amount changes, timing changes, stopping) to the recurring donations themselves all within the program.
  • Donors can view their giving history and receive e-mail donation receipts.
  • Donors can feel confident that their personal information is being entered in a highly secured website.

 Some Assumptions About Money: 

  1. We acknowledge that the resources for this ministry come from God alone through the commitment and sacrifice of individuals, churches, and foundations.
  2.  We recognize that prayer is the cornerstone of all we do, including the raising of finances for our ministry. If God is not at the heart of financial support we are not in His will.
  3. We believe that financial support is a function of vision, not of “slick” marketing or advertising.
  4. We believe the Bible has much to say about money and the support of missionaries. We seek to follow biblical guidelines regarding finances.

 Our Commitment to Supporters: 

  1. We have the privilege of communicating our appreciation to supporters. We understand that people make sacrifices so our ministry can develop and grow.
  2. We will periodically report to our donors on progress and obstacles in our ministry so that they can know how their investments are being used.
  3. Our staff will pray for the people and churches who support our ministry.
  4. We will not fill mailboxes with fundraising appeals (”junk mail”). CAI does not send out regular appeal letters and we have no plans to begin doing so.
  5. We will not overstate our needs but will seek to make them known to God and to people interested in our work in a straightforward manner.

 Our Commitment to Manage Funds: 

  1. Budgeting: We will create a budget for our worldwide operations and will seek to stay within that budget each year. We will not spend what we do not have.
  2. Responsibility: We will maintain financial controls including a complete accounting system to track all income and expenses. There is strict accountability for the use of finances and we seek to be frugal in all that we do.
  3. Accountability: CAI is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and is audited annually by independent auditors. Financial statements are available on request.


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