For those of you that have been beside me through this journey preparing for Prague, I am so grateful for your friendship and support over the last two years. At times I’ve become frustrated at God’s timing, people’s timing, etc. But I write today with a new outlook on this whole process.

I originally planned to leave for Prague in early September and at that time due to fund-raising issues, visas and other obstacles, I was kept here in the states. God has taught me more these last 2 months about His timing, His vision for the church and His role for me in Prague. I am now so grateful that I’ve had this “extra” time to grow and prepare not only myself but my family and friends for my departure in January.

I traveled for most of the month of October but had the chance to read Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis on my many plane rides and layovers. I love his honesty and outlook into the Christian faith. Something that I re-read this morning has really encouraged me and I wanted to share it with you!

          “Missions is less about the transportation of God from one place to another and more about the identification of a God who is already there. It is almost as if being a good missionary means having really good eyesight. Or maybe it means teaching people to use their eyes to see things that have always been there; they just didn’t realize it. You see God where others don’t. And then you point him out. Perhaps we ought to replace the word missionary with tour guide, because we cannot show people something we haven’t seen. So the issue isn’t so much taking Jesus to people who don’t have him, but going to a place and pointing out to the people there the creative, life-giving God who is already present in their midst.”

May God bless you for being a blessing to me!

Until next time,


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