Staff Orientation June 16-21st

“Let this be thy whole endeavor, this thy prayer, this thy desire- That thou may be stripped of all selfishness and with entire simplicity follow Jesus only.” Thomas A Kempis

This Friday (15th) I will be driving down to Thousand Oaks (about 7 hours south) for my staff orientation and leadership training with Christian Associates. I am really excited to meet other interns that are going through this same process and hearing more about the locations of their future ministries. While there I will also have a chance to meet some of my coordinators that so far I have only known through email or by phone!

Please pray for this week long trip. I am looking forward to hearing more about the history of CAI and their vision for the future. I also hope to learn as much as I can from the full time missionaries that will be attending.

I will be bringing my laptop and am hoping write updates while there, as long as I have consistent wireless access…

On another note, I found out late last week that I do not need to have a visa for the first 90 days while in the Czech Republic. And once there, I can get by without a visa at all, as long as I leave the country every 90 days and have my passport restamped. Any excuse to travel around Europe is fine by me!!

Thanks for your continued support and prayers. When I get back, I will be updating you all on my financial support progress and other creative ways in which you can be involved!




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