A Clear Vision

In the last month I have received several emails and phone calls from people that are interested in becoming supporters and all have the same question:

What exactly are you going to be doing overseas?

The truth is I have no idea! This ministry is still in the very early stages of development and creation. Unfortunately many people see this answer as unsettling and unorganized.

Let me take a minute to explain. Think on this: Clarity of vision compensates for uncertainty in planning. I am clear and confident in my vision (reaching the unchurched in Prague) and am ready to handle a few detours along the way. There will always be an element of uncertainty as it relates to plans. My plans will change; my vision remains the same. I believe clarity of vision as a leader translates into a greater willingness to lead purposefully into uncertain environments (like the Czech Republic). I am convinced that God is sending me to Prague and therefore I am willing to take chances. I am aware that in the future I will be forced to abandon my plans from time to time. I am okay with this, knowing that my ultimate goal and vision is unwavering. Simply put, I am going to reach the unchurched in Prague, but the way in which I do it will most likely change from time to time. I’m penciling in my plans and writing my vision in permanent ink.

I ask you to be flexible and go along this journey knowing that God is in control- after all this was HIS idea! I am excited and will continue to update you throughout the summer.

What you can be praying specifically for:

*my visa application

*Monthly financial supporters are greatly needed. One time gifts are appreciated but the continued support throughout the year is going to keep me in Prague and continually effective.


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